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Cosmetic Dentistry

Your Peterborough Cosmetic Dentist Office

Cosmetic dentistry, or aesthetic dentistry, is a special discipline of dentistry that utilizes leading edge technologies and procedures to greatly improve your smile and overall appearance. Wonderful advances in aesthetic dentistry have been made in recent years. Our cosmetic dentist office can help you achieve the smile you’ve only dreamed of by using advanced dental procedures, equipment and techniques in Peterborough. Dr. Moore is an experienced cosmetic dentist. He and his dental team in Peterborough have spent many hours learning from, and working with, some of the world’s top cosmetic dentists. You have several options in dental procedures, from full mouth reconstruction to porcelain veneers targeting specific problems like tooth discolouration or spacing. For some, cosmetic dentistry involves replacing unsightly silver dental fillings with natural-looking, tooth-coloured restorations. Others may consider tooth whitening to help brighten an otherwise healthy smile and restore a youthful appearance.

There are many cosmetic possibilities. Your metal fillings and discolored restorations can be made naturally white. Your chipped and worn teeth can be smooth and perfect again. Your overlapped teeth can be straightened without braces. Your spaces and gaps can be replaced with natural looking teeth. The correct combination of veneers, crowns, inlays, and bridges can create the smile of your dreams. Our cosmetic dentist office will work with you to design a smile that’s in perfect proportion to your facial structure. Digital imaging and/or a custom wax model of your dream smile will be created to help you visualize your result. You will even help choose the best color and tooth shape for your smile.

The whole process is easy. Our cosmetic dentist office will painlessly prepare your teeth and then insert natural-looking temporary restorations. At your next visit for cosmetic dentistry in Peterborough, the temporary structures will be removed and your life-like porcelain restorations will be bonded into place. Your new smile will change the way you look at the world…and the way the world looks at you!

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