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Dental Treatments

Dental Treatments Provided


Sometimes a tooth needs to be reinforced to protect the parts that are still healthy and strong. This may be the case when a tooth has a lot of filling material and decay has set in under the filling.


A bridge is simply a combination of two or more crowns that “bridge” the space between your teeth. If you are missing any teeth, a bridge is the most natural choice for you to fill that space.


A dental inlay or onlay is sometimes used as an alternative to a crown. This option is determined by the amount of tooth structure left after decay or trauma has occurred.


Another method of handling esthetic problems is dental bonding. This technique involves placing a composite resin directly onto the enamel of the teeth.


Sometimes, in order to save a tooth, a root canal procedure is performed. This is often a misunderstood procedure. Please read the questions and answers below to help you.

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