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Considering Dentures in Peterborough? Please Don’t Believe These Common Myths!

For those who have suffered catastrophic damage to their teeth or have lost multiple teeth over the years to disease, there’s still hope for having a great looking smile.  Dentures in Peterborough are better than ever and can provide years of enjoyment.  Plus, they’ll make it so much easier to chew and enjoy the food you eat – you may even be able to once again enjoy things like sugary snacks that were too painful to eat before.

After all, with dentures, you don’t have to worry about cavities.

However, there are still a lot of myths out there involving dentures.  Some good, some bad, but all untrue.  It’s important that anyone who’s considering dentures in Peterborough be properly educated about what dentures can and can’t do.

Dispelling Five Common Myths About Dentures in Peterborough

MYTH #1 – Dentures last a lifetime

We wish this one were true, but unfortunately, it’s not.  Dentures can still wear out over time or become stained.  Plus, as you age, the shape of your face and jaw is likely to change, which harms their fit.  A good pair of dentures should last at least a decade before needing to be replaced, but dentures aren’t forever.

MYTH #2 – Dentures require adhesives to stay in place

This used to be truer than it is today.  Modern dentures are made to fit so snugly in your mouth that they stay in place via suction.  If your dentures require adhesive, they probably need to be adjusted to fit your mouth better.

MYTH #3 – Dentures are obviously fake

Again, this is an out-of-date belief.  Dentures get better every year, and modern versions are almost impossible to distinguish from natural teeth, particularly when they’re properly fit to your mouth.

MYTH #4 – You can’t talk properly with dentures.

This myth has a nugget of truth.  At first, denture-wearers may have some difficulty speaking normally.  However, they will quickly re-learn how to properly talk again – often just in a couple weeks.  The important thing is to keep practicing.

MYTH #5 – Dentures force you to radically change your diet.

Again, a nugget of truth: eating extremely sticky foods (like caramel) with dentures is a bad idea.  However, the list of prohibited foods is very short.  You will only need to make small changes to your diet.

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