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What You Should Know About Peterborough Family Dentistry

Are you looking for a Peterborough family dentistry clinic?   It’s important to know what a family dentist does – and does not – do.  That’s the only way to make sure you pick the best family dentist for the needs of yourself and your own family.

So, in this article, our team at Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates just wanted to briefly talk about what family dentistry entails, and what to look for in Peterborough family dentistry.

What Is A “Family Dentist”?

Simply put, a family dentist will provide a wide range of general dentistry services, in an environment which is welcoming to patients of all ages.

Not all general dentistry clinics are family clinics.  Their willingness to adapt and provide services for smaller children is what makes the difference.  Generally, a family dentistry clinic will include at least one room which is set up specifically for use by children, with bright colors, toys, potentially video games, and other things to put their minds at ease.  They may also employ a pediatric dentist who specializes in dentistry for younger children, particularly those who still have their baby teeth.

The services offered will be roughly the same as most general dentistry clinics.  These usually include:

  • Check-ups
  • Professional teeth cleaning
  • Identifying cavities
  • Providing caps, crowns, or fillings as needed
  • X-Ray services

However, some Peterborough family dentistry clinics go beyond as well.  They may provide cosmetic services, or orthodontic work.  A well-rounded family dentist may be able to provide every dental service you or your family needs!

What to Look for In A Family Dentist 

1 – Proximity

Your family dentist should be close by.  If there’s some sort of dental emergency, such as a tooth being knocked loose by a sports accident, you want to be able to visit your dentist quickly.

2 – Experience

The longer your dentist has been working, the better they are likely to be.  Dentists definitely improve with age.

3 – Friendly staff

Because family dentists do a lot of work with children, it’s even more important than usual that their staff be friendly and welcoming.

  1. Affordability

Always inquire about a clinic’s usual rates, as well as what forms of payment assistance they accept.  You want a family dentist who won’t break the bank.

Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates

If you’re looking for a Peterborough family dentistry clinic, Dr. Christopher Moore is here for you!  We’re currently accepting new patients, so please contact us soon for an appointment.


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