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Emergency Dentist
Most of the time, dental problems aren’t severe enough that they need to be treated immediately.  That doesn’t mean you can ignore them, just that they can wait until the next convenient appointment time.  However, sometimes a person can be struck by dental pain so severe it just can’t wait – and that’s when you...
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When you’re looking for an emergency dentist in Peterborough, you may not have that much time to look through listings online.  Some dental emergencies need to be taken care of ASAP!  In such cases, you have to know that the clinic you choose will truly be going above and beyond to provide the best possible...
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Being an emergency dentist in Peterborough isn’t easy in the best of times, but the worst can be when an emergency occurs in the middle of regular office hours when there are other patients waiting.  Our policy is to prioritize the health of our patients.  If someone has had a true emergency occur, we’re going...
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