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Can I Have Allergies to the Plastics or Metals in a Denture?

One aspect of wearing dentures, or getting denture repairs in Peterborough, that many don’t know about is the problem of denture allergies. Due to the wide variety of material allergies people can suffer from, it’s not unheard of for patients to be allergic to a set of dentures they’re wearing.

However, this isn’t the only reason a patient may react badly to a set of dentures. Allergies are just one of the problems that might cause you to need Peterborough denture repairs or refits. Let’s take a look.

Am I Allergic to My Dentures?

If you frequently get an itching or rash on your gums or lips around your dentures, it’s possible allergies are involved. There are several reports of patients being allergic to compounds used to form the dentures, including the acrylic material or the dyes used to create a lifelike look.

Also, metal allergies are another potential problem. Nickel, for example, is a very common metal in dentures. However, estimates are that around 10% of the population has at least a mild allergy to nickel – particularly women who may have worn a lot of jewelry with a nickel component. Sometimes these allergies are mild enough not to cause problems, other times it makes the dentures unwearable.

In all these cases, the solution is simply to work with your dentist to repair or replace your dentures with alternative materials which don’t cause allergic reactions. If you know you have any contact allergies, be sure to tell them up front. It can reduce the amount of experimentation needed.

Allergies Aren’t the Only Cause of Denture Discomfort

However, please do not take this to mean that any denture discomfort must be allergies. Most of the time, pain, or discomfort from wearing dentures come from other sources. Some of the other common causes include:

  • A poor fit: Dentures must very closely match the contours of your mouth and gums to work properly. If they aren’t a good fit, they can cause a wide variety of rubbing, rashes, inflammation, and other allergy-like symptoms. This is actually the most common cause of denture discomfort.
  • Rough dentures: Sometimes, the interior of the dentures is not as smooth as they should be. Your gums are extremely sensitive, so even minor roughness can turn into painful chafing. Minor denture repairs in Peterborough can easily fix this.
  • Bacteria: If the patient is not properly cleaning their mouth and dentures, bacterial infections can develop on the gums or lips. Fortunately, these are almost always minor and easily-treatable.  
  • Cleaning solution allergies: Yes, sometimes the allergy is to the cleaning solution being used, rather than the dentures themselves. A different cleaner, or more thorough rinsing, takes care of this.

Need More Help with Your Dentures?

Getting new dentures in Peterborough involves an adjustment process, no matter what. But if you’re having major discomfort from your dentures – particularly if it’s bad enough you don’t want to wear them – please contact Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates to schedule an appointment!

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