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Peterborough Denture Repairs Can Be Fast and Inexpensive

If you wear partial or full dentures, you’re undoubtedly aware that they are not cheap to produce. At a minimum, they cost hundreds of dollars per plate, and may even cost thousands for a full set of replacement teeth. Even with insurance, that’s a cost that no one wants to incur more often than they have to.

Unfortunately, this can lead to people attempting to use dentures which are broken, misaligned, or no longer properly fit even though they can create new problems by doing so. What we hope these people can come to understand is that denture repairs in Peterborough are far less costly than buying new sets! In most cases, denture repairs can be accomplished quickly, and at a tiny fraction of the original costs – often well under a hundred dollars.

The office of Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates in Peterborough uses the latest in technology and techniques to repair your dentures, and have you eating comfortably again at a minimum of extra cost.

Peterborough Denture Repairs Made Simple and Affordable

It’s almost inevitable that a set of dentures, if worn for long enough, will break. Just like the teeth they replace, they will wear down over time and eventually become prone to cracking. This situation can be made worse by changes in the wearer’s jaw or facial structure which cause the dentures to no longer align properly, putting extra stress on them when eating.

Plus, of course, if the dentures are ever dropped some level of damage is nearly unavoidable.

The good news is that nearly all dentures are designed to be easily repaired! Dentures are almost always made of a material called acrylic resin, which is relatively hard and long-lasting while also closely resembling natural teeth. Better yet, however, is that it can be easily repaired by simply adding more resin to broken areas. Resin bonds to itself easily, so these repairs will be just as strong as they originally were.

Another common issue occurs when dentures cease to fit properly, particularly if the wearer’s gum line shrinks over time.  In most cases, this is also cheap and easy to adjust. Your Peterborough denture repair specialist can simply add more material to the gum side of your dentures so that they fit properly. This process is called relining.

Keep Your Dentures Safe

Obviously, there are limits to what “quick fixes” can achieve. Sufficient damage – particularly from drops – can require major rework or even an entire new plate. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to always be extra-careful when handling your dentures.

We recommend always having a towel beneath them when cleaning them, such as in a sink, to act as padding should they fall. In addition, when cleaning your dentures, it’s a great idea to periodically check for any cracks or noticeable abrasions. Getting them fixed sooner, rather than later, will keep the repair bill low.

Whether you need new dentures, or quick repairs, turn to Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates! Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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