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Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates Becomes One of The First Dentists in Kawartha Lakes With iTero Digital Scanner Technology

The state of the art in dentistry is always advancing, and we’re proud to stay on the forefront here at Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates.  We’re continually remaining educated in the latest techniques and technologies, looking to invest in new inventions which have been proven effective.

The latest addition to our Kawartha Lakes dental clinic is an iTero digital scanner, and we’re happy to have it!  This amazing device makes it easier than ever to create incredibly accurate scans of our patients’ teeth, which in turn helps ensure we can create solutions such as crowns, onlays, and Invisalign trays which are perfectly suited to each patient.

Let’s take a look.

Introducing The iTero Scanner for Kawartha Lakes Dentistry

The iTero digital scanner is a significant step forward in mouth-scanning technology.  It’s small, portable, and can be easily used with patients of all ages.

The iTero uses a handheld scanning wand, no larger than standard dental cleaning tools, which the dentist passes over the patient’s teeth.  It captures an incredibly high-resolution, full color scan of a patient’s mouth in a matter of a couple minutes, which is displayed on the computer the wand is attached to.

On that scanner, we can show you exactly what your teeth look like, and point out any problem areas.  We can also email the scan directly to our laboratory, to ensure they have the most up-to-date and accurate records of your teeth possible.  From there, it becomes far easier for us to create custom-made pieces like crowns which will be a perfect fit.

It’s safe, it’s easy, and it’s quite comfortable for patients.

Probably the best feature of the iTero, however, is in use with Invisalign orthodontics.  Invisalign retainer trays require exactly this level of precision to work correctly, since each Invisalign tray is custom-crafted to fit each patient’s mouth.  If the tray is the wrong shape or size, it won’t do its job.  But iTero is fully certified to work with Invisalign systems perfectly every time.

Tests have shown that when the iTero is used for Invisalign fittings:

  • Checkups and scans are 50% faster
  • There are 10x fewer rejected trays
  • There are 7x fewer mouth fit problems

And perhaps most importantly, iTero allows for simulated outcomes.  We can go beyond simply modeling your mouth to predicting exactly how your mouth will respond to Invisalign, and use that information when designing the trays.  The Invisalign trays we create with iTero are more effective, and will -in many cases- require less time to complete the full course of treatment.

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For over twenty years, Dr. Christopher Moore has been providing superior dental services to the Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes region, backed up by his talented team of dental hygienists and assistants.  Dr. Moore mixes tested and reliable techniques with the latest in dental technology to bring the best possible outcomes to his patients.

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