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Three Ways to Reduce the Costs of Dentures in Peterborough

Anyone who has gotten dentures in Peterborough – or even considered the possibility – knows that they can be costly, but necessary.  Even partial plates can potentially run hundreds of dollars, and a full-mouth set of dentures can be even more due to how much custom work must be done.

So once those dentures are made, you obviously want to do everything possible to extend their lifespan!  Here at Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates, we work extensively with dentures, and we have multiple techniques available to reduce the costs associated with denture work – particularly ways to keep an existing set viable for as long as possible.

Helping to Reduce the Costs of Dentures in Peterborough

  1. Repairs

Much of the time, dentures are easy to repair!  Since they’re made from common materials, like acrylics, that makes it simple to do “patch jobs” like replacing one particular tooth without having to replace the entire plate.  This means that in most cases, we can do minor repairs to dentures for a true fraction of the cost of a new plate – often under a hundred dollars.

  1. Acrylic Reliners

Another issue that often confronts those who wear dentures for extended periods is that, as they age, the shape of their gums change.  This means dentures which fit perfectly a few years ago no longer do so.  Luckily, this is also relatively simple to solve.  Reliners can be used to reshape the denture’s base, creating a good fit again, at very minimal cost.  In this way, the lifespan of a well-treated set of dentures can be extended almost indefinitely.

  1. Adding Teeth

In the case of partial dentures, situations can arise where a natural tooth being used to support the denture is lost or must be removed.  This does not necessarily mean an entirely new plate needs to be made!  It’s often possible to simply add a new artificial tooth to the plate, and relocate the support points.   If so, this is a much cheaper alternative to creating a new plate from scratch.

Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates Wants to Make Dentures in Peterborough Accessible

We know how expensive dentures can be, and how important they are to those who use them.  If you’re having trouble with your dentures, please contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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