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Four Important Tips for People Who’ve Recently Gotten Dentures in Peterborough

Getting dentures in Peterborough can be both a scary and exciting experience.  It’s great helping someone finally have a new set of teeth, but dentures definitely take some getting used to.  The first month or so can be particularly difficult because there’s so much the patient needs to learn.

Every case is different, but we’ve helped a lot of people get dentures here at Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates.  So, here are some tips for those who are going to be getting dentures in Peterborough, to help you through the first few weeks.

Vital Tips for Getting Accustomed to Your Dentures

  1. Follow all the directions your dentist gives

This might be obvious, but it’s important because your dentist will be doing everything they can to help you through this early phase.  That might even involve specific instructions that only apply for the first week or so.  For example, sleeping with dentures in is usually a bad idea – but your dentist might recommend it for the first week, to help you get used to them.

  1. Eat smaller bites

With modern dentures, there are fewer restrictions on food than in previous years, but you will still need to change some of your eating habits.  One of the biggest is that you should start eating smaller bites and try to chew with both sides of your mouth at once.  This reduces the chances of the dentures becoming dislodged.

  1. Practice talking to yourself

One of the biggest issues people have with dentures is that it’s difficult to talk with them at first, particularly words with S-, F-, and Th- sounds.  (That is, those that require the tongue to touch the teeth.)  The only thing that will overcome this is practice!  If you don’t want to do it with other people, try reading out loud.  Remember to focus on the words/sounds you have trouble with.

  1. Expect your dentures to need at least one adjustment

Your dentist will do their best to get your dentures fit properly the first time, but there’s always an element of guesswork.  You’ll probably need to go back within a week or two for some slight tweaks to the fit.  So, if your dentures hurt or won’t stay in place, don’t panic.  This is part of the adjustment process.

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