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What’s the Difference Between Peterborough Family Dentistry vs Pediatric Dentistry?

We’re a welcoming clinic here at Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates, and that includes fielding a lot of questions about dentists and dental practices.  One question we hear quite a lot is “What’s the difference between family dentistry and pediatric dentistry?”  That’s a good question and one that’s not entirely obvious.

So, let’s answer it!

Understanding the Differences Between Peterborough Family Dentistry and Pediatric Dentistry 

  1. Family Dentistry

Peterborough family dentistry simply means a general dentistry clinic which is designed to serve patients of all ages, from children to adults.  Not all general dentists are family dentists.  Some clinics specifically only serve adults, because they lack the facilities or expertise to properly care for children.

However, at a family dentistry clinic, you can expect to receive a full range of general dentistry services:  Teeth cleanings, X-Rays, cavity fillings, root canals, caps, bridges, and maybe also orthodontic or cosmetic dentistry services.  A family dentist is going to be a generalist, one with a wide range of training and services offered, but not with a particular area of specialty.

  1. Pediatric Dentistry 

On the other hand, Peterborough pediatric dentistry is an area of specialty.  Pediatric Dentist is a very specific title, requiring additional years of study and practice to obtain.  A pediatric dentist has trained themselves mostly or exclusively on dental care of children, particularly children under ten who still have their baby teeth.

This is an important field of practice because a child’s “formative years” apply to their teeth too!  A good pediatric dentist can look at a child whose baby teeth have only begun to grow in and make very good predictions about their future dental health.  In some cases, it’s even possible for intervention early in life to prevent much more serious orthodontic problems later on. A pediatric dentist could potentially even prevent the need for teenage (or adult) braces.

However, you probably aren’t going to go visit a pediatric dental clinic on a whim.  Usually, you’ll be referred to one if your Peterborough family dentistry clinic runs into something they don’t have the training to deal with.

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