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Gum Clinic in Peterborough – Is There a Link Between Periodontal Disease and Low Birth Weights in Babies?

If you’re expecting a child, you might not think that a visit to a gum clinic in Peterborough would be part of your prenatal care.  However, as surprising as it sounds, multiple studies have found a strong correlation between the health of a mother’s mouth and the health of her baby!  If you’re pregnant, it truly is important to keep your mouth as healthy as possible and take care of any periodontal disease as quickly as possible.

This isn’t an obvious topic, so we wanted to provide a blog summarizing the research and why there’s a strong link between gum disease and fetal health.

Why You Should Visit a Gum Clinic in Peterborough When Expecting a Child

So, what does the research say?  Across many studies that have been conducted in the last few decades, a mother with periodontal disease is significantly more likely to have their child prematurely, or with a low birth weight, or both.

Why this would be the case is still a matter of some debate, and it’s likely that there are several contributing factors.

The most obvious explanation is that it’s about competing resource usage.  A developing baby takes away a lot of energy and other resources from a mother, and those resources are strained even further if the mother is also fighting off diseases.  And, ultimately, her body is going to prioritize her own health ahead of the baby in most situations.

So, when a mother has serious gum disease, her body will be re-allocating resources that would otherwise go to the child for the sake of fighting the disease.  Over the course of the pregnancy, this limits the child’s development.

Another factor is how a mother’s body reacts to disease in general.  If the mother is unhealthy, her body may begin releasing chemicals intended to end the pregnancy as quickly as possible.  This would then cause premature labor and childbirth.

Some studies have even suggested that the bacteria causing the oral disease can get into the bloodstream and target the developing child directly.

Also, there’s the matter of the mother’s nutrient intake.  Someone with oral disease or significant tooth decay is more likely to avoid eating, or eat less than they would in normal circumstances.  Yet during pregnancy, a mother almost always needs to eat more than normal.  After all, they are “eating for two,” as the saying goes.  So, this is another way that periodontal disease can negatively affect a pregnancy.

In short, there are many reasons that periodontal disease and pregnancy problems may be linked – but the solution is proper oral health care!

Pregnant and Needing Dental Care? Dr. Christopher Moore Can Help!

As a top-tier gum clinic in Peterborough, Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates is here to provide the very best in care for expectant mothers!  We’ll provide a full checkup and treatment -if necessary- in a comfortable, stress free environment.  The health of both mother and child are our concern! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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