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How the Team at Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates Provides Peterborough Family Dentistry

At Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates, we’re dedicated to providing the absolute best Peterborough family dentistry and overall dental care.  Dr. Moore alone has been practicing for nearly twenty-five years, but he can’t do it all himself.  He has been so successful in large part because of the team he has cultivated over the years.

In fact, our team here at Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates is one of our most unique assets.   It’s one of many reasons we’re more than your typical Peterborough family dentistry clinic.

How Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates Formed a Team

To start with a little history:  Our clinic was founded by Dr. Moore in 1998 when he bought out an existing dental practice from its previous owner – giving him a great head start in establishing himself in Peterborough.  However, a dentist is only as good as his support staff, so he focused on hiring the very best to assist him.  He wanted genuine professionals who already had existing experience and would be committed to building Moore & Associates into a  dental practice.

Within a few years, the team grew to eight total – and they’re all still with us.  Even the “newest” member of our team has been with the clinic for fifteen years!  That’s almost unprecedented in dental clinics, which tend to have a lot of turnover.

But having such a dedicated long-term team brings you, the patient, extra benefits:

1 – Always see a familiar face

This is particularly important in Peterborough family dentistry, where children are going to be nervous about seeing a dentist.  Seeing the same smiling faces year after year helps ease little ones’ fears and keep them comfortable in the dentist’s chair.

Our team has literally seen children grow up with our dental services.

2 –  Teamwork

Some things simply cannot be taught in school or conveyed with a degree – and teamwork is one of those things.  With the entire team having a 15-20-year history, we’ve truly been through thick and thin together.  That gives us the edge, particularly in emergency cases.

3 – True commitment to the community

We wouldn’t still be here if we didn’t love Peterborough and the people in it.  We’re in it for the long-haul, so we can keep providing great dental services, every year.

To experience the great team at Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates for yourself, just schedule an appointment!



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