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How to Be An Emergency Dentist in Peterborough

When you’re looking for an emergency dentist in Peterborough, you may not have that much time to look through listings online.  Some dental emergencies need to be taken care of ASAP!  In such cases, you have to know that the clinic you choose will truly be going above and beyond to provide the best possible care.

That is exactly what we strive to do here at Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates.  We are committed to being able to produce good results, even in emergency circumstances, and that means always being prepared – mentally and physically.

How Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates Goes Above and Beyond to Be An Emergency Dentist In Peterborough

1 – Getting the day off to the right start.

Every morning, Dr. Moore is up at 4 AM.  His day begins with an hour-long workout, along with half an hour of transcendental meditation.  This regime gives him the mental and physical clarity to work at his absolute best, no matter what.  He also has to make time to walk his three dogs, as well as eating a solid plant-based breakfast.

That’s hours of preparation, every day, to ensure he’s ready for whatever is to come.

2 – A highly-trained experienced staff.

We couldn’t be prouder of our team here at Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates.  Every member of the staff is a true professional with significant training and experience in modern dentistry.  That dedication to hiring the best means that our team sticks together, year after year – some of our staff have been working alongside Dr. Moore for over twenty years!

That level of familiarity and experience means our team can come together to deal with issues whenever they come up.  After all, there’s very little we haven’t dealt with before.

3 – The latest in innovations.

Just because our staff is experienced, that doesn’t mean we’re behind the times.  We stay on the forefront of high-tech dentistry and happily adopt new technologies like The Wand or Invisalign retainers, whenever we think they’ll help our patients.  By continually updating our tools and our skillsets, we can keep providing the latest in dental care, while still having that care rooted in the best foundational dental practices.

An Emergency Dentist in Peterborough Who Excels

Whether it’s your first visit to our clinic, or you’re a returning patient, we always strive to provide the best in emergency care.  Schedule an appointment today!


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