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Introducing Invisalign Teen – The Latest Option for Better Childhood Orthodontics

As one of the top providers of Invisalign in Peterborough, our team at Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates get a lot of inquiries from parents wanting to know whether Invisalign was right for their teenage or preteen children. Generally, we could find ways to make Invisalign work for children and young adults, but there were some issues that made it more challenging than recommending Invisalign for adults.

Now, however, there is a new alternative:  Invisalign Teen. This is a new variation on Invisalign designed to specifically address the needs of younger people with growing mouths and bodies, while still providing an easy and comfortable alternative to traditional orthodontics. We’re one of the first Peterborough Invisalign clinics to offer Invisalign Teen, and we’d like to introduce you to it.

How Invisalign Teen Is Designed to Encourage Healthy Mouth Development

Invisalign Teen is much like traditional Invisalign. Rather than hard-glued braces and other metal orthodontic work, Invisalign uses a series of graduating plastic trays that fit over the teeth and slowly encourage them to shift into better positioning. Every few weeks, the patient receives a new custom-made set of Invisalign trays, each incrementing tooth positions a little more until the teeth are all in their proper places.

Invisalign Teen, however, is much better suited for growing mouths.

  1. It leaves room for teeth which are growing in

Invisalign Teen can be recommended even for children whose adult teeth are still growing in. This has always been a major complication for both Invisalign as well as traditional braces – how to accommodate teeth which aren’t yet fully revealed.  

Well, Invisalign Teen can predict where those teeth will be growing, and accommodate them as they grow in. The trays are designed to encourage those teeth to grow in properly the first time, minimizing complications.

  1. Blue use indicator

One of the best aspects of Invisalign for both teens and adults is that the trays can simply be removed during meals, when brushing/flossing, and at other times the trays may be inconvenient. This means -unlike traditional braces- there’s no need to change one’s behaviors or eating habits. The problem, however, is it becomes very easy for teens to not wear the trays as much as they need to.

Invisalign Teen trays include a special blue dye droplet which is designed to fade with use. Parents and dentists can tell at a glance whether the patient has been using the tray properly.

  1. Free tray replacements!

Children and teens are forgetful; we understand that at Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates. That’s why, in collaboration with Align Technologies, we can offer free tray replacements should your child occasionally forget or lose their Invisalign trays.

(Some restrictions apply, contact us for details.)

Advancing Teen Orthodontics with Invisalign In Peterborough

With Invisalign Teen, we are now able to offer the most advanced and precision-focused tool for childhood and teenage orthodontics ever created.  To learn more about the benefits of Invisalign Teen, or to schedule an initial consultation, contact Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates today!