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What Our Patients Can Expect at Our Peterborough Dental Clinic

Here at Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates, we pride ourselves on the quality of our Peterborough dental clinic and the high standard of care we provide.  We are currently accepting new patients, and we hope your dental experience with us is genuinely excellent.

If you’re curious about what will happen when you visit our Peterborough dental clinic, here are some of the things we do to make ourselves stand out.

Five Things to Expect When You Visit Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates 

1 – Plenty of smiling staff.

More than anything else, we want you to feel welcome at our dental clinic.  Our staff puts a lot of emphasis on customer service and maintaining a great bedside manner.  In particular, if you’re bringing children along, we want to make sure they always feel comfortable.

2 – A thoroughly modernized clinic.

We try to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to dental techniques and technology.  All of our staff engages in ongoing development, attending conferences and reading the journals.  When great new technology appears, like “The Wand,” we adopt it so that our patients can always enjoy the benefits of the most up-to-date dentistry available.

3 – Genuine patient education.

We don’t believe that dental patients should ever have to take anything “on faith,” or be pressured into making major decisions without enough information.  Whatever your situation, we’ll take as long as necessary to explain what’s going on, and what your options are.  If you want time to think it over, we’ll be happy to send you home with literature or online references to read.

4 – Rapid emergency service.

If a dental emergency has struck, and you need attention now, you can find it at our clinic. Don’t be afraid to simply walk in if you’ve got a real emergency.

However, don’t worry if you’re made to wait because of someone else’s emergency.

5 – Our “fifteen-minute” guarantee.

We know your time is valuable, and we’ll do everything we can to not waste it.  That said, emergencies do happen.  So, in the rare situation that your appointment is delayed more than fifteen minutes, we’ll give you $25 off the cost of your appointment.  It’s that simple!

In short, for an experienced Peterborough dental clinic, choose Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates.  Call now to schedule an appointment!


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