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Three Possible Treatments an Emergency Dentist in Peterborough Might Recommend for Tooth Decay

Most of the time, dental problems aren’t severe enough that they need to be treated immediately.  That doesn’t mean you can ignore them, just that they can wait until the next convenient appointment time.  However, sometimes a person can be struck by dental pain so severe it just can’t wait – and that’s when you need an emergency dentist in Peterborough.

Usually, emergency dental cases are particularly severe – and can require immediate action.  These are the situations we most often see when we have to provide emergency care.

Three Common Procedures People Need from An Emergency Dentist in Peterborough 

  • Dental crowns

Crowns are one of the all-purpose solutions to a lot of dental problems.  If a tooth has been cracked or has a cavity which isn’t caused by ongoing infection, a dental crown can be crafted that seals up the damage while also providing a new chewing surface.  Crowns can be made from a variety of materials – such as gold or porcelain – and can often be applied on the same day as the emergency visit.

Relatedly, lost crowns are another common reason people need an emergency dentist in Peterborough.  If your crown has broken, or fallen out, you need to replace it ASAP to prevent more damage to the crowned tooth.

  • Root canals

Root canals are called for when a cavity has penetrated all the way through the outer layers of the tooth and has made it to the nerve and fleshy pulp in the center.  This can cause extreme pain, enough to prevent sleep or eating.  A root canal is an emergency intervention to save the tooth, by drilling in and removing the material at the center.  Once the pulp is removed, the hole is sealed, and a new crown is put in place.

  • Extraction

When there’s no other viable option, the tooth can be extracted.  Dentists try to avoid having to do an extraction whenever possible, but sometimes the tooth is simply too damaged to be viable.  This is particularly common when an accident, such as a hard blow to the face which damaged teeth, has led to the emergency dental visit.  Extraction is also an option for severe wisdom tooth problems.

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