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Why Our Peterborough Gum Clinic Advises 3 Month Treatments for Active Gum Disease

If you’re noticing blood when you brush, loose teeth, and bad breath, you might have gum disease that requires a visit to a Peterborough gum clinic. At Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates, we encourage treatments that consist of visits to our clinic every 3 months to ensure optimal results.

What Is Active Gum Disease?

Also known as periodontal disease, it stems from the buildup of plaque under your gums, between your teeth, and in other places difficult to reach without professional cleaning. Before active gum disease is gingivitis, which is the inflammation of your gums. Although it can be remedied by regular flossing and brushing, it can sometimes develop into gum disease.

Why Treatment Every 3 Months Is Necessary

Regular treatment is essential so that the disease is properly dealt with. Longer increments in between visits can cause it to resurface. For this reason, we strongly suggest that you are treated by a gum clinic in Peterborough that adheres to the 3-month rule.

Steps of Treatment

Any professional dental hygienist will follow similar a protocol. The main steps of treatment (which we follow) are listed below:

  • Scaling, which is the process of removing deposits located below the gums
  • Root planning, the removal of tartar on root surfaces as well as the smoothing of rough roots
  • Localized or Systemic Antibiotics, which prevents bacteria reattachment
  • Periodontal Surgery, reserved for severe cases

A Comprehensive Recovery Plan

No matter which steps we end up taking at our Peterborough gum clinic, our team at Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates will ensure that your dental health is brought back to normal. For more information or to book an appointment, contact us today.

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