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Dentures in Peterborough: What Is a Flipper Denture?

For those looking at their options for dentures in Peterborough, flipper dentures are one of the potential candidates that you’ll probably come across. But now you’re wondering: what sets them apart from the rest? Our team at Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates explores this question.

Flipper Dentures

As a traditional form of tooth restoration, these are the common choice for those that don’t want to invest in dental implants. It’s an ideal option for those that are too young for implants, don’t have the money for other options, or are waiting for an implant site to heal.

Take a look at this customer experience:

“When my daughter broke two front teeth, (at home and on a Sunday), I called Dr. Moore. Fortunately, he was about to pick up messages and returned my call within 10 minutes. Dr. Moore asked questions to ascertain the situation, provided some immediate advice, and given the circumstances met my daughter and I at his office for emergency care that evening. As a result of Dr. Moore’s compassion and expertise, both teeth were saved; the temporary and final cosmetic results were excellent.”

Here are some commonly cited benefits of flippers in this kind of situation:

  • Affordable in cost
  • Great transitional denture

Do these benefits fit your needs? If not, our team can help you find other options that are better suited for your dental restoration requirements.

Something to Think About

Although there are benefits to this temporary dental implant option, there are downsides that turn some away from investing in them. These include the lack of clasps in some models and their delicate nature. Ultimately, they are best suited for those looking for the replacement of up to 1 to 2 teeth for a temporary amount of time.

Get Dentures Today from our Peterborough Team

If you’re looking for dentures in Peterborough, our team at Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates can help you find the right option, be it temporary or permanent. Contact us today for more information or to book an appointment.

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