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4 Simple Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Fear of a Dentist in Peterborough

Visits to a dentist in Peterborough can make anyone a little nervous (even though it shouldn’t) but it can be particularly scary for the young ones.  A dentist’s office is full of strange people they don’t know, and weird equipment they don’t understand.  Of course, they might get a little scared.

A good dentist will do what they can to put children at ease, like having a dedicated pediatric dentist or creating child-friendly spaces.  However, as a parent, you can also help!  Here are a few ways to put your child at ease when they’re visiting a dentist.

Four Ways to Help Your Child Enjoy A Trip to Their Dentist in Peterborough

1 – Start young

Most dental associations suggest a child have their first dental checkup around the time of their first birthday, and then at least once a year afterward.  Beyond spotting potential orthodontic problems early, this also helps your child grow accustomed to visits to the dentist.  After all, when they’re 1 or 2, they may be too young to even be afraid!

2 – Only use positive language

A young child has hopefully not “learned” that they’re supposed to associate dentists with pain (even though they shouldn’t), so keep any discussions 100% positive.  Unless you’re directly asked, avoid even saying things like “it won’t hurt” because that creates anticipation that it might hurt.  Just say the dentist wants to “count your teeth” or “check on your smile.”

3 – Role-play a practice visit

If your child seems particularly nervous, do a little roleplaying.  Put them in a chair, give them a bib, and brush their teeth from behind.  Maybe poke a couple teeth with your finger.  Keep it simple and, of course, don’t use anything sharp.  This will help them feel secure in an actual dentist’s chair.

4 – Bring a favorite small toy or stuffed animal

In most cases, it’ll be fine for a child to hold a teddy bear or similar favorite toy during their examination, if it will help them remain calm.  Use your best judgement here.  You want to bring a toy that will encourage them to sit still, not one that will excite them or make them fidgety.

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