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If you’re wearing dentures, you undoubtedly know that they aren’t cheap.  Good pair of dentures – particularly full-plate dentures – is a major investment, and it’s not an expense you’ll want to repeat if you can find a way to avoid it.

Fortunately, you have a lot of options for denture repairs in Peterborough so that, most of the time; you don’t have to buy a new set of dentures when making alterations. Depending on the circumstances and sorts of repairs needed, the work can cost less than a hundred dollars.  It’s even possible to modify your dentures to work alongside new dental work, like fillings or crowns, without having to get a new set.

These are just some of your options, to repair your dentures rather than having to get new ones.

Understanding What Denture Repairs in Peterborough Can Accomplish

  1. Minor repairs like chips and cracks

If your dentures have gotten chipped or cracked, you’re in luck.  In most situations, this is an extremely easy repair job.  Because dentures are generally made from acrylic resins, all the dentist has to do is add a new layer of resin which fills in and covers up any minor damage that has occurred.

It’s a quick, simple, and inexpensive process that shouldn’t take long at all.

  1. Changes in jaw or gum structure

Another common issue is that, as a person ages, their jawbone or gums shift a bit, so that the dentures don’t fit properly like they used to.  Uncorrected, this can lead to significant discomfort, including chafing around the gums or the feeling that their dentures are no longer fitting together properly.

This is also a relatively easy matter to correct.  In this case, your dentist would take your dentures and then re-mold their undersides -where they touch your gums- to once again conform to the shape of your mouth.  Adding or removing a bit of the resin there is a simple process.

  1. New fillings or crowns

Things get trickier if you’re wearing partial dentures or attached bridges, and you have to get new dental work on one or more of your remaining natural teeth.  However, even then, it’s not always necessary to have your dentures replaced!

Modern technology has made it substantially easier to deal with this situation in a cost-effective way.  The process will require some changes to both the dentures as well as the attachment points on your teeth, so it’s more involved than a simple repair job.  However, when done properly, you’ll still have a working partial denture and save considerable money when compared to having entirely new partials made.

Dr. Christopher Moore Provides Affordable Denture Repairs in Peterborough

We pride ourselves on finding ways to make quality denture work affordable to as many patients as possible, and that includes looking for cheaper repair options whenever we can.  We, of course, encourage you to always be careful when handling your dentures – but if trouble occurs, contact Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates for quality repair and denture work in Peterborough!


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