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Dr. Christopher Moore Will Soon Celebrate 20 Years as a Dentist in Peterborough

In just a few months, we at Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates will be celebrating our 20-year anniversary as a dentist in Peterborough, and we couldn’t be prouder!

Sure, maybe it’s a little early to start talking about this, but we’re just so excited to hit such a massive milestone.  When Dr. Moore first started this clinic, he always envisioned it as a place where anyone from the Peterborough area could get top-quality dental care in a comfortable, friendly environment – and it’s paid off.  Today, we’re widely trusted and often cited as among the best in the region, and that’s what has made our (almost) twenty-year history possible.


Looking Back on Twenty Years of Being a Dentist in Peterborough

So much has changed about dentistry in the last twenty years.  Just about every area of technology and medicine has undergone huge changes in that time, and our dental clinic is no exception.  When we first started, nearly everything was done by hand.  Today, we’re adopting more and more computer-assisted methods that increase reliability while making things even easier for patients.

We’ve also seen a lot of new techniques emerge, particularly in the realm of orthodontics.  In the 90s, if someone needed orthodontic work, the only real option was rigid metal pieces – traditional straight-wire braces, or even those old full-head appliances.  However, new research and materials technology has created entirely new types of orthodontic work, including technologies like Invisalign which can correct teeth with far less pain – or embarrassment – than older technologies.

Similarly, options in cosmetic dentistry get more robust every year.  We’ve seen a lot of new ways of handling both veneers and implants, allowing people with even heavily-damaged mouths to restore their smile and regain normal chewing\eating habits.  Each new revolution in cosmetic dentistry is generally less expensive, less invasive, and less painful.

Our own practice has changed substantially over the years as well.  At first, we were all about volume.  Like many young dental clinics, our top business priority was growing our customer list.  So we’d do everything we could to fill up our schedule, day after day.

Now, we have enough steady clients and such a good reputation that such frantic work isn’t necessary.  We can leave more time in our schedule to ensure every patient gets all the time they need without feeling rushed.  It’s also what’s allowed us to implement our No-Wait Guarantee.  We’re so certain we’ll have time to see every patient on-time that we’ll give a $25 rebate if we ever make someone wait more than fifteen minutes past their appointment time.

Some Things Don’t Change

Of course, what hasn’t changed about Moore & Associates is our excellent team, and our dedication to be a top dentist in Peterborough.  Our team has remained consistent over the years, so whenever a patient comes back, they’re greeted by friendly smiling faces. But we’re still always taking on new clients!  If you’re in need of great dental work, contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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