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Why It’s Always Best to Schedule a Dentist Appointment in Peterborough

One question we sometimes hear here at Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates is “Do I need an appointment for your clinic?”

Well, this is a bit tricky to answer since we do take walk-ins from time to time.  And if we have a free hole in our schedule, we’ll do our best to take a look at you.  But still, it’s going to be a much better option to go ahead and schedule the dentist appointment in Peterborough ahead of time, whenever that’s possible.  You’ll get better service, we’ll have more time to prepare, and there’s less chance of inconveniencing other patients.

Why It’s Better to Schedule Your Dentist Appointment in Peterborough Rather Than Walking-In

  1. We know to expect you and roughly how much time to budget

It’s difficult keeping a good schedule at a dental clinic, while ensuring that all the patients with appointments can be seen in a timely manner.  This isn’t something where we just assume a certain amount of time for each patient.  We need to know why they’re coming in.

A patient who’s just there for a checkup and cleaning is probably only going to take half an hour or so.  On the other hand, if they’re having more major work done – such as oral surgery or getting fitted for orthodontics – it could take up much of the afternoon.

If you walk in, we have no way of knowing beforehand how much time your situation will need.

  1. You won’t be rushed for time

If we’re having a slow afternoon, and there’s a walk-in at our office, sure – we’ll probably take a look.  But that doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily have time to do all the work that’s needed.  There’s a good chance the walk-in will be rescheduled anyway, to the first open slot in our schedule.  Sometimes, it just won’t do much good to walk-in.

  1. You don’t get our No-Wait Guarantee

This is a special offer we extend to our patients with appointments:  If you are ever forced to wait more than 15 minutes past the time of your appointment, we’ll give you a $25 rebate on your bill.

But, of course, that doesn’t apply to walk-ins.

 The Exception – Emergency Dental Care

Now, everything we said above applies to standard planned-for dental work like will be the case 99% of the time.  But, there’s still that 1% of the time when legitimate dental emergencies occur.  We are an emergency dentist.   So if someone walks into our clinic literally holding lost teeth in their hands, blood everywhere, we will do everything possible to see them cared for ASAP – even if it means bumping back some of our other scheduled patients.

However, in any other cases, it truly is better to go ahead and schedule a dentist appointment in Peterborough ahead of time.  It’s better for you, it’s better for us, and it’s better for the other patients.  Scheduled appointments ensure everyone gets top quality care.

Contact us directly to schedule an appointment today!

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