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Emergency Dentist in Peterborough Outlines What to do if Your Child Breaks Their Front Tooth

A child’s smile is a precious thing, but when an accident or injury damages that smile it can feel devastating to both parents and the child. Thankfully, an emergency dentist in Peterborough can easily restore your child’s smile. Here’s what you should do if your little one breaks a front tooth.

Remember that Accidents Happen

When a child gets hurt, particularly when the injury results in physical damages such as a broken tooth, it can be difficult for everyone involved. Parents should not be too hard on themselves if their child does need an emergency dentist in Peterborough. 

Remain Calm

Kids feed off of their parent’s emotions. When you are stressed and panicking about the injury, your child will also become upset and more difficult to calm for treatment. It may be difficult, especially if your child also split their lip or cut their gums; however, it’s important to keep as calm as possible so you can think clearly. Above all else, make sure your child knows it will be okay and that you will be there with them every step on the way.

Evaluate the Situation and Locate Tooth Fragments

The first thing you should do if your child breaks a tooth is to make sure there are no further injuries, such as head trauma. Also, when possible, locate and gather any tooth fragments to take with you to the dentist. Place them in a bag to prevent them from becoming more damaged, lost, or dirty. Depending on the extent of damage, the fragments may be able to be reattached.

Call Your Child’s Dentist

As soon as you possibly can, call your child’s dentist for an emergency appointment where they will evaluate the injury and provide the necessary treatments. If the injury happened after hours, such as in the evenings or over the weekend, do not wait for standard business hours, instead contact their emergency line.

If for some reason your current dentist doesn’t offer emergency services, find one that does, such as Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates in Peterborough. You may also call the On-call service for the Peterborough area at 748-8505, which will put you in contact with an emergency dentist.

Follow the Dentist’s Instructions Carefully

The key to a long-term fix for a broken tooth is prompt attention and following your dentist’s instructions, both before the appointment and their aftercare instructions. These instructions are designed to reduce pain, lessen the risk of infection, prevent additional damages, preserve the tooth’s structure, and maintain a beautiful lifelong smile.

Even a Small Chip Needs Evaluation

Some parents will adopt a wait and see approach for minor damages, such as a small chip, particularly when the damage is on a baby tooth. However, damage may hide under the gum line, which could result in possible a dead tooth and loss if not corrected promptly. 

If you find yourself in need of an emergency dentist in Peterborough, please contact the professionals at Dr. Christopher Moore and Associates today.

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