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What to Expect After Getting Dentures in Peterborough

For millions of people, dentures are the answer to a wide variety of teeth problems – allowing them to smile freely and eat without discomfort.  At least, once they get used to their dentures.

When you get dentures in Peterborough, there will definitely be a short period afterward that’s a little awkward.  For a few days, maybe a couple weeks, you’ll need to practice with them and get used to having them in your mouth.  It’s different for everyone, but here are some things you should know and be ready for.

Four Tips for Acclimating to Your New Dentures in Peterborough

1 – Sore gums?  Come get your dentures adjusted.

When a dentist creates a set of dentures for you, they’ll do their best to make them fit your mouth – but it’s rare for the fit to be perfect on the very first try.  If there are places where they’re making your gums sore, take note, and tell your dentist so the fit can be refined.  When the fit is right, they won’t hurt.

2 – Learn to chew with soft foods first.

There are a few tricks to chewing you’ll have to learn.  Most importantly, you don’t want to bite with your incisors (front teeth).  Rather, you want to bite from the side, using your canines (eyeteeth) and molars (back teeth) to apply the pressure.  Try to avoid particularly hard or chewy foods until you’ve gotten the hang of it.

3 – Practice talking by reading aloud.

Yes, you’ll need to partially re-learn how to talk, due to your brand-new set of teeth.  A good way to do this is simply to pick a book you like and start reading it out loud to yourself.  This is a “practice makes perfect” situation, so reading is the perfect way to practice without being in public.

4 – There will be increased saliva.

Sorry, we really wish we could do something about this.  You’re going to salivate a lot more immediately after getting dentures.  Just dispose of it as best you can and know that your mouth will adjust soon enough – usually in a couple weeks.

Getting Dentures in Peterborough?  We’re Here to Help!

At Dr. Christopher Moore & Associates, we want people to be fully informed and prepared for any dental procedure they’ll undergo.  If you have questions about getting dentures, just contact us to ask or schedule an appointment!

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